The growth of the Hungarian community in Latin America goes back to stormy historical times. Throughout history, our compatriots abandoned, or were forced to leave their homeland in different periods and waves, beginning with the Hungarian Jesuits who arrived to Latin America in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, continuing with the Hungarian emigrants in the period after the fall of the Revolution and the War of Independence of 1956. A significant part of them was established in Latin America, far away from their native country. Part of the Hungarians not only considered the new homeland as a refuge, but also as a new opportunity.

The traces of Hungarian culture in Latin America are of great importance, because our compatriots have lived and created their works for centuries in this continent. The professionalism and talent of the Hungarians played an important role in the development of the current image of several countries. The Hungarians left an important legacy in many countries of the Latin American region, such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Knowing this heritage is of utmost importance, as well as remembering with pride our world famous Hungarian compatriots.

In 2017 the aim of several events was to promote among the Hungarian youth the diverse regions of Latin America, the continent with many countries where talented people lived, of which the Hungarians will always be proud.

In the following chapters, we will present the Hungarian emigrants who went to Latin America and left their traces in some area of the region and played an important role in the life of the country.